Family Photo Shot List

What is a family photo shot list? A family photo shot list is a list of the family and friends you want photographed with you on your wedding day. This list helps in a few areas. It helps you to think through everyone in your life that you could possibly want a photo with on your special day. It also helps to keep things organized and moving during the day. On the day of the wedding, we will keep track of your list and make sure that all the photos are captured in a stress free, beautiful way. You don’t have to give it another thought!


(Bride and Groom = Amanda and Josh)

  1. Josh, Amanda, Terri, Jeff, Alex, Allie, Aaron (brides entire family)

  2. Josh, Amanda, Todd, Tracy, Tyler, Christa, Brianna, Elizabeth, Chelsey, Michael, Hannah (grooms entire family)

  3. Josh, Todd, Tracy, Tyler, Christa, Brianna, Elizabeth, Chelsey, Michael, Hannah (Just groom and his family)

  4. Amanda, Alex, Aaron, Terri, Jeff (Just bride and her family)

  5. Amanda, Josh, Joy, Don (brides grandparents)

  6. Josh, Amanda, Sue, Gerald (grooms grandparents)

Once the time arrives at the wedding for family photos, AHP will call out names, arrange and capture the photos on the list. Don’t worry! If you do happen to forget someone, we can get that photo after the list is completed!

Suggestions when making the list:

  1. Every photo listed takes approximately 2-5 minutes to arrange and capture. We want to make sure we get the photos you want, but remember that these things take time!

  2. We HIGHLY suggest that you plan to get all the family photos done at the time allotted on the timeline. This means make sure you have informed you family of their time slot during the day for photos, to be present and be focused on the task at hand. Once the reception begins, it is much more difficult to capture photos of family. All family photos should be completed before the reception begins.

  3. Maybe consider asking your pastor to announce for the family to stay in the ceremony area after the ceremony ends so someone doesn’t have to hunt down people.

  4. Be sure to add a photo of you and your pastor to the list!

  5. Please try to do your best to order your list in the order you would like the photos taken! (if possible)

Brides Name *
Brides Name
Please list in a 1, 2, 3 format the family photos you would like taken at your wedding. REMEMBER, you are not able to save this page and your work.
Ex: A 3 generations photo.

Once AHP receives this list, we will contact you ASAP with any questions or concerns.