Wedding questionnaire

Please fill out and submit the following form. This gives us a general understanding of your day in order to create and send you a timeline, as well as make sure everyone is well informed. After completed, Amanda will email you a copy of the form for your records and any additional questions, if any. 

Bride Name *
Bride Name
Groom Name *
Groom Name
***This gives us an idea on timing for your previews.
If you would like me to be in direct contact with bride/groom, please specify and include their phone number and email address.
Please provide the address.
Please provide the location the guys and the girls will be getting ready. Please supply the addresses.
After the prep work (hair and makeup) where will you be putting your dress/tux on? Do you want photos of that? We highly suggest you choose a location to dress in a pretty location with lots of natural light. Example, in an empty room with big windows.
Are you doing a first look? *
We HIGHLY suggest doing a first look. It helps maximize daylight hours and time.
Do you want a photographer with the guys or only with the bride for get ready photos? *
Are we allowed to eat dinner? *
Will there be a seats at a table reserved for us at the reception? (2 photographers) *
Ex. Is there a divorced situation where someone would prefer to not be in a photo together?
Please provide exact address
This is an excellent way to meet with and talk to all of your guests ONLY if you have done a first look and are done with photos before the ceremony. Receiving lines after the ceremony can take some time.