Josh & Amanda


We are Josh and Amanda Hart, owners of Hart Weddings and Events (Photography, Events and Florals)

We have owned and operated this business together for almost 11 years in the Louisville/Southern IN area.

In 2021 we took a leap and opened a studio and offices in Sellersburg, IN and went full time at this business. We shoot wedding together with Amanda as the lead photographer and Josh as the 2nd shooter.

We absolutely love getting to do life together and run and operate our business together!

Hello and thank you for coming to meet me! My name is Amanda. I am a Boy mom to 3 very busy boys named Jeremiah, Andrew and Isaiah. I am a wife, coffee drinker, and believer in Jesus Christ. I have a crazy, full of Love life that definitely keeps me busy.

My photography journey began 11 years ago when a friend of my family donated a DSLR camera to us. I began to play around with it and fell in love. By my senior year of high school I was shooting sessions and the year after I graduated I shot my first wedding. Along with the art of photography, I love getting to know my clients and capture such monumental moments in their lives regardless of if that's a wedding, birth of a child, family session or more.

In 2019 we added wedding florals to our business. I have always considered flowers to be a HUGE statement piece at a wedding. To me, flowers and photography are a few of the most important things on a wedding day. The photos are obviously insanely important to a wedding day or event, but the flowers are IN the photos and can really add an element of elegance and class to a photo and an event itself.

Todd & Nicole

It is so nice to meet you!

I am Nicole and that dashing man beside me is my best friend Todd. We newlyweds and are both major Harry Potter and Star Wars lovers. We even play and little DnD during the week with a group and also know how to whistle while we work.

We both have a strong faith in Christ and have an amazing dog named Apollo. He loves to keep us on our toes and loves to go running and car rides. We have pretty busy lives but love every single minute of it.

Outside of the business we both work full time jobs. Todd works from at home for a music distributor and I work with individuals who have been blessed with a disability.

Our journey in the industry started when I began dating Todd, who is Josh's brother in 2019. We began helping at the sites or the day prior and it began to grow as the business grew. Now several years in, it is our favorite thing to do!